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How we take care of your finances

Financial Planning process

1. Your Goals

We establish your life goals - We seek to understand you, your personal circumstances, and your aspirations. What do you want out of life, what you do want for your family?

2. Your Information

We gather data - We collect and assess all relevant personal and financial data (including income and expenditure) and establish your attitude to investment and other risks.

3. Analysis

We analyse the data - We clarify your current position and how you have arrived there and construct a lifetime cash flow model to determine any gaps between your stated goals and reality. After the data is analysed we research the whole of the market on your behalf before recommendations are proposed.

4. Recommendations

We prepare a personal report and recommendations - This involves creating a roadmap which sets out how your current situation as well as new and different strategies can be used to get where you want to be.

5. Implementation

We implement the plan - Without the implementation stage, there is no action, and dreams or achievement of goals will not be realised.


We review the plan - This is the final stage. We regularly review the plan and make modifications where required. Reviews should take place at least annually, (but can be more frequent if required) and should consider changes in personal circumstances as well as legislation and the main assumptions.

Your first step toward successful investing is building a relationship wth your JP Maxwell Financial Advisor. Whether we are looking after companies and their employee's welfare or individual clients, we approach each unique relationship through our 6 stage financial planning process.